Live Design Virtual Master Classes: Design And Production In Virtual Environments

Monday, October 26, 2020 at 11:00 AM - 1:40 PM EST 



Intro to XR and Virtual Production         

Have you been hearing the buzzword ‘xR’ lately and want to learn more about it? Then join disguise xR experts Tom Rockhill, Marcus Bengtsson, and Ash Nehru for an exciting introduction to the concepts and technologies involved in creating an immersive xR experience.

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Advanced XR Production Techniques & Case Studies

xR is rapidly becoming the virtual production method of choice for film and broadcast. Join guests Scott Millar CTO- xR Studios, Jeroen Hallaert VP-Production Services, PRG, and our disguise xR experts Marcus Bengtsson, Ash Nehru, and Joss Gray, as they discuss the technical solutions and challenges of using xR on recent projects including the VMAs and Katy Perry’s performance on American Idol.

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The Role of XR in Compelling Storytelling

Join guests David Fafard, art director and projection designer from Silent Partners,  Cory Fitzgerald, creative director and lighting designer from Silent House Productions, and Nick Rivero, CTO from Meptik, as they share their insights into the creative and logistical decisions for building a production around xR technology.

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