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LDI® is the catalyst that connects the entire entertainment, design, and technology community with manufacturers of state-of-the-art gear, and professional training from industry leaders. 

  • Learn how to master storytelling via the use of cutting-edge technology.

  • Network with experts from all aspects of the live events industry.

  • From professional training to the use of XR and virtual production, learn to enhance audience experiences.

  • All this and more with safety regulations a priority to ensure a healthy and productive event.

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Monday, November 14, 2022:  8:00am — 12:00pm 

Tuesday, November 15:  8:00am — 2:30pm

Wednesday, November 16:  8:00am — 2:30pm

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Friday, November 18:  8:00am — 6:00pm

Saturday, November 19:  8:30am — 5:00pm

Sunday, November 20:  10:00am — 2:00pm

Mark Stutzman: Chief Technology Officer for AREA 15, the World’s First Purpose-Built Immersive Entertainment District to Keynote LDI® 2022

Stutzman is an experienced entrepreneur and product executive with over 20 years experience delivering elegant, effective, scalable applications. As a digital strategist, product specialist and executive technologist, Mark plays a critical role in continually evolving strategic product and technical direction.

Mark Stutzman - LDI 2022 Keynote

Special Events

New Tech Breakfasts
Portfolio & Website Review: Lighting & Projection
Diversity in Design Scholarships Product & Booth Awards
LDI After Dark Networking

LDI offers an exclusive opportunity to demo new gear, while providing you with the best in cutting-edge training.

Professional Training

LDInnovation™ Conference