Are You Prepared For Travel To The United States?

The U.S. government requires residents of many countries to obtain a temporary visa before entering the United States. The visa application process may have increased the length of time required to receive your visa, so it is very important to apply for your visa at least 90 days prior to your departure. The information below provides important links and details that should make the process easier for you. Please contact LDI if you need assistance!


Visa Letter From LDI2020

Once you have registered for LDI2020, Visa Letters may now be requested as part of your registration process. Upon completion of your registration, you will be asked if you require a Visa Letter. Once you submit the required information, it will be available on your Dashboard and may be printed immediately. If you are unable to obtain a visa, we will issue a full refund without charging the cancellation fee.


Visas And Travel Restriction Information - U.S. Embassy And Consulate Home Pages

If you have questions about visas and other travel restrictions, check with your local U.S. consulate or visit the U.S. Embassy and Consulate home page.


Visa Waiver

A U.S. visa allows a foreign citizen to travel to a United States port of entry and request admission into the U.S. from a U.S. Immigration Inspector. Since September 11, visa applications have been subject to a greater degree of scrutiny than in the past. The timeframes for visa processing today are difficult to predict with accuracy for any individual applicant and could vary significantly by country. Advance planning on the part of travelers is essential to receive a visa in time for proposed travel dates to the United States.


Helpful Tips When Applying For Your Visa

  • Review the U.S. Department of State website:
  • Apply for your visa as early as possible and at least 90 days prior to your departure date. Make this a priority. If you already have a visa, check the expiration date to make sure it will not expire before your trip is completed.
  • Obtain a Visa Letter from LDI (see directions below).
  • Check your passport expiration date to make sure it will be valid for at least six more months.


Requesting A Visa Letter From LDI

  1. First, you must register online at LDI.
  2. Once a foreign country is entered in the Personal Information page, international guests will be asked if they need a Visa Letter. By scrolling down the page you will have the option to select "Yes" or "No".
  3. The registration system will ask you a series of questions and generate a Visa Letter.
  4. You can print the letter by completing your registration and visiting your "ConnectME Registration Dashboard" and may submit it along with your visa application to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate.


Please Note

  1. Complete one request for each person requiring a Visa Letter.
  2. Only requests submitted via the online registration system will be processed. Obtaining a Visa Letter from LDI will not guarantee that you will be approved for a visa. The letter is merely supplementary information that explains a visa applicant's intended purpose to travel. U.S. Embassy officers look at the totality of an applicant’s personal situation in determining visa eligibility.
  3. All Visa Letters must be requested through the registration system no later than August 1, 2020.


Helpful Links


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