Frequently Asked Questions

What is suitcasing?

Only exhibitors that have contracted with Show Management are permitted to promote their products, services or company at the Show. Unless a marketing opportunity has been contracted by the exhibitor, all company promotion and product sampling must occur within the contracted booth space. This includes, but is not limited to:
•    Approaching exhibitor booths to sell products
•    Leaving and/or distributing product information in public spaces and Show floor aisles

Exhibitors violating this policy will be sent back to their booth space and materials left will be recycled. Attendees violating this policy will be asked to leave the Show and forfeit their badges. Any "suitcasers" should be reported to the Show Office. Repeated violations will be reported to Security and may result in loss of priority points.

We make every effort to ensure exhibitors will not be solicited in their booths. However, this does occur at trade shows. Should you be approached in your booth, kindly take down the name and company of the solicitor and provide the information to the Show Office or your floor manager.

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination/Negative Test Policy - Updated September 2021  

To ensure maximum safety, Questex has instituted a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, or proof of negative test, policy for all in-person participants at our LDI Show in Las Vegas. Participants at LDI will be asked to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test before entering the premises. Additional details on the vaccine/testing policy will be provided upon registration.  

Please refer to our FAQs or contact us if you have further questions.  

Q: What health and safety measures will you be taking at the event?

Q: Do I have to be vaccinated in order to attend?

Q: What are the approved Covid-19 vaccines?

Q: How do I show proof of vaccination or negative test?

Q: What if I am not vaccinated 15 days prior to the event?

Q: What are the approved COVID-19 tests?

Q: Do you offer COVID-19 tests on premises?

Q: What if my company does not allow me to travel for business? What if I am personally not comfortable attending in-person? 

Q: If I test positive before the event and must isolate, will I be able to get a refund?

Q: Will I have to social distance?

Q: What are your mask requirements on-site? 

Q: Will masks be provided?

For further information on the Questex Be Safe commitment please click here

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