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October 19-25, 2020
Exhibits: October 23-25, 2020
Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas, NV

Kyle Means

President & Co-Founder
Visional Productions


Kyle Means is President and Co-Founder of Visional Productions. He has worked in the live production industry his entire life, starting with an early career in music production and a bachelor’s degree in Audio Production & Technology from Middle Tennessee State University. Following Project Manager and Sales Director assignments at PSAV in Atlanta, Georgia and London, England, he pursued an MBA at the University of Georgia and left PSAV to found Kyle Means Creative. Kyle and Jim Steurnagel met in 2014 and, sensing a mutual love of production technology and envelope pushing, they merged their individual companies to form Visional Productions.

Kayaking, MST3K, old Godzilla movies and playing guitar keep Kyle sane when he’s not working, but let’s be honest, he’s always working. Kyle believes that — while there’s no such thing as a perfect show — the pursuit of a perfect show is incredibly fulfilling.


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