November 13-19, 2017
Exhibits: November 17-19, 2017
Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas, NV

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  • Miami,  FL
  • United States

Company Description

The world's most experienced professional laser light show company (est 1968). LaserNet is one of the few companies that has earned ILDA's Professional Show status. We produce shows world wide, and manufacture the SCANNERPRO projector. ScannerPro is built in the USA and is one the the best priced professional laser projectors in the market . ASK US ABOUT OUR SHOW SPECIALS! We specialize in service/repair, installations, mobile applications, corporate, touring, cruise ships, consulting, & special events.

Brands: SCANNERPRO, Pangolin

 Press Releases

  • New laser system for Miami’s new planetarium

    Lasers and planetariums have a long and intertwined history. In fact, as far back as 1968, Miami’s Laser Production Network (LaserNet), was doing laser light shows in planetariums with a presentation originally called “Eye See The Light”.

    In their hometown, LaserNet has recently designed and installed lasers for the planetarium at Miami’s new Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science. It is one of only 13 planetariums in the world to feature an 8K 3-D full dome video system.

    When the Frost Museum opened on May 8, 2017, the planetarium included 8 LaserNet systems: two 3-watt RGB projectors with special effects wheels, one projector with two independent 3-watt RGB lasers for two sets of scanners allowing for dual projection images into one zone, and five 1-watt lasers for aerial effects over the audience.  In addition, LaserNet  also included four atmospheric lasers to project star fields as an entrance effect.  Control for these lasers uses the very latest Pangolin FB4 and Beyond software. The computer is located in a server room near the dome, and hands-on control has been remoted into the control console in the dome.

     Along with the planetarium, the Frost Museum’s Traveling Gallery is host to the all new LASERsHOW show.  This is a visual educational show about lasers, designed and produced by visual artist Matthew Schreiber. It fills the entire room with laser special effects.  In addition to the center display of “how lasers work”, LaserNet installed four 10-watt RGBB lasers that were programmed to support the artist’s visual presentation. All the high-powered lasers are terminated onto special hanging truss covered with black particle board which surrounds the production area.

    [NOTE TO LASERIST PRODUCTION/PROOFING: The name of the show is LASERsHOW, with a lower-case “s” in the middle. This is both “lasershow” and “lasers how”. Also, the first “RGB” reference and the second “RGBB” reference are both correct.]


    Editor’s note: ILDA Member LaserNet submitted this account of their significant installation at a major Florida theme park. Due to the park’s policy on publicity, The Laserist cannot mention the name of the park or the attraction, or include any photos taken in the park. However, the article does give insight into some of the many factors that go into creating a high-profile laser attraction.

    We at LaserNet are proud to have developed and installed lasers for an end-of-the-day spectacular production that included fireworks, flames, fountains, and — of course — laser beams. The show was designed to help keep patrons in the theme park until closing time, starting in the summer of 2017 and continuing in subsequent summers. 

    The majority of the special effects are located on an island in the center of a lake. The primary audience was directly across from the center SFX island. The audience viewing area also extends 180 degrees around the lake on various walkways. We determined that it would require seven high-powered lasers to ensure that the entire audience was covered by laser beams. All lasers are located on the SFX Island, behind a 3’ high wall that hides the pyro and laser equipment. Due to the harsh summer environment, each laser is housed in an air-conditioned, all-weather housing. A slot was cut in the wall to allow beams to project out and over the heads of the audience.

    Due to the proximity of the area’s primary airport, and the thick canopy of trees that surrounded the performance area, it was decided that all lasers would be terminated into the tree line or onto available structures within the area. We worked with the park’s safety team to ensure all lasers projections remained inside the park property. This was checked daily and was a success.

    We originally demonstrated our 25W RGB lasers for the show, but the park had a very tight budget. It was at this moment that our “Made in America” 15-Watt lasers were born. Rather than lose the sale, we dialed down the lasers to 15W’s and discovered that the brightness level was very acceptable for the show producers and the lower price fit perfectly into their budgetary restrictions. Designed and built in-house, the 15W RGB ScannerPro features the latest in laser technology, with built in FB4 network Pangolin control, LaserNet’s solid state diodes, internal shutter, electronic scanner fail-safe, remote safety interlock, etc. This interfaced through our own SMPTE time code 1U rack-mount unit to the rest of the show SFX.

    Another unique aspect to the installation is the distance from the projectors to the control booth. Fiber optics were utilized to connect the two positions as the main laser computer was located on the Island. Off-the-shelf interface devices were used to accomplish the task.

    To complete the laser installation, we positioned six high output fog machines around the lake to provide additional atmosphere in the air to highlight the beams. Each unit is controlled by DMX to provide individual control. The operators can turn on the units that have the best effect, depending on wind direction that night. 

    The summer 2017 run was scheduled to run through mid-August, but was held over through Labor Day due to popular demand.


  • ScannerPro
    ScannerPro is made by LaserNet. Built and supported right here in the USA. ScannerPro is a professional quality laser projector that can be used for any application. Sizes range from 3 watt for over 30 watts. Custom built for each installation....

  • ScannerPro Features:             

    • High resolution, 30K Scanners
    • Anti Reflective Aperature window with Door
    • Balanced Input on scanners and colors (full ILDA specs)
    • Key switch
    • Emission indicator
    • ILDA standard input db25 connector
    • ILDA standard db25 pass thru
    • Com port & Remoteable safety interlock, includes Laser on and status indicators, and clock.
    • Scanner Speed & Size Failsafe       
    • Internal physical shutter
    • High speed electronic modulation safety blanking function
    • Analog modulation
    • Pure Diode CW lasers, no DPSS
    • Hanging Yoke
    • Available Option: FB4 built in
    • DMX available with use of ENTTEC dongle
    • Warranted against manufacturer's defects for 1 year
    • FDA Variance filed on Client's behalf included (USA) & guarnteed

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