November 13-19, 2017
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Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas, NV

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Rigging for Aerial Acrobatics, Circus, and Dance: Advanced Topics

  • Wednesday, 11/15/2017: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Session Number:  L35

Course Length:

2 Days (Wednesday & Thursday)

14 ETCP Renewal Credits


$645 ($745 after 9/14) includes lunch and transportation
Class Limit: 30

This intensive hands-on, participatory workshop will focus on principles and practices of rigging for circus, acrobatic, and aerial dance performance. Featuring practical demonstrations using computerized load-cell technology, it will explore many typical and unusual scenarios, and provide access to an array of skills and techniques for safe and effective performance rigging. Fundamentally, we will treat acrobatic rigging as an extreme dynamic application of the principles and practices underlying all good entertainment rigging, both arena and theatrical.
Topics to be explored include dynamic loads and forces (including shock loads with live performance demonstrations), strength and properties of materials and hardware (including destructive testing), design factors and determination of allowable loads, use of non-rated and invented apparatus (including bungee), risk assessment and risk management, inspection and retirement protocols, emergency planning, manual performance rigging techniques using mechanical advantage and counterweight, touring considerations, and rigging math. While we will touch on the basic principles underlying automated performer rigging systems, this is not an automation class and will not deal in any depth with specific systems, design, or operational considerations. The workshop will also feature a special section focusing on the Aerial Performance Rigging Standards currently under development through the ESTA Rigging Working Group. 

This workshop is suitable for entertainment riggers and anyone involved in design, production, performance or risk management for an aerial performance. It can also useful for venue and local personnel faced with the increasing number of touring shows and visiting artists incorporating aerial acrobatics into their productions. 

This is not an introductory entertainment rigging course. Prior rigging knowledge and experience are strongly recommended. 

Taught by: Jonathan Deull and additional ETCP Recognized Trainers with extensive specialized experience rigging for aerial performance
Delbert Hall
Ray Pierce


Delbert Hall

ETCP Certified Rigger: Theatre, ETCP Recognized Training: Rigging
D2 Flying Effects

Jonathan Deull

ETCP Certified Rigger: Theatre, ETCP Recognized Trainer, CM Certified Hoist Technician,
Member, ESTA Rigging Working Group

Ray Pierce

Owner/Creative Director
Hollywood Aerial Arts