November 13-19, 2017
Exhibits: November 17-19, 2017
Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas, NV

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Entertainment Rigging Fundamentals

  • Wednesday, 11/15/2017: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Room: N220
  • Session Number:  L34

Course Length:

2 Days (Wednesday & Thursday)

14 ETCP Renewal Credits


$645 ($745 after 9/14)
Class Limit: 40 

This two-day survey of rigging covers the essentials of entertainment rigging for theatres, concert halls, studios, churches, and schools. Topics include the forces that we deal with in the rigging world, and the gear that we use to fight them, as well as proper ways to handle various scenarios, and open up the floor to discussions of how you do it. What is WLL and SWL? What do they have to do with the breaking strength and what does the breaking strength have to do with safety factor?  What is the right way to terminate aircraft cable? Do you really need to know 30 different knots? We will also become intimate with a lot of the math behind what we do. This is a great course for folks just getting into rigging and for those preparing for the ETCP exam. For those needing renewal credits, I promise I will keep it interesting and hope that you learn at least one new thing!

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to learn the essentials of stage rigging or wants a refresher.

Session Highlights:
1. The physics of rigging
2. Hardware selection and application
3. Rigging math 
4. Selection and use of fall protection equipment

Taught by: Eric Rouse, director of product development, Chicago Flyhouse, ETCP certified rigger and recognized trainer


Eric Rouse

Director of Product Development
Chicago Flyhouse