November 13-19, 2017
Exhibits: November 17-19, 2017
Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas, NV

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TouchDesigner Software Training

  • Monday, 11/13/2017: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Room: N212
  • Session Number:  L11

Course Length:

2 Days (Monday & Tuesday)


$325 ($425 after 9/14) includes lunch
Class Limit: 20

Join Matthew Ragan from Obscura Digital for a whirlwind tour of developing custom playback and generative systems. Over the course of two full days participants will learn the fundamental principles and organizational flow of working in Derivative’s TouchDesigner— for the uninitiated, TouchDesigner is a node based programming environment used in installations, live events, and museums internationally. This workshop will largely be focused on the intersection of art / design and the development of new tools for live performance. While there are a growing number of tools for media playback in live events, there are precious few for creating dynamic and generative artwork. In this workshop we will look at both how to playback traditionally made content, as well as how to build generative real-time rendered environments. Participants will also look at using existing modules in TouchDesigner for projection mapping applications large and small. More than just a flash and trash demo, this workshop aims to help familiarize participants with a development environment as well as examine the challenges and opportunities when designing real-time systems.

Session highlights:
•    An understanding the development environment
•    Best practices for development and organization
•    Foundational principles for playing and cueing traditional media
•    Foundational principles and experience creating generative artwork
•    An overview of techniques for building user interfaces for interactive systems
•    Experience projection mapping with TouchDesigner
•    An introduction to Python as a scripting language

Target Audience:

If turnkey tools are out of your price range or lack the flexibility and adaptability you need for your media projects this might be the workshop for you. If you are an artist/designer/engineer that's looking for ways to engage with clients in ways that are outside of the bounds of traditional playback systems this might be the workshop for you. If you've been experimenting with TouchDesigner but want some direction in how to think about incorporating it into your larger workflow or project deployment, this might be the workshop for you. This workshop is built around beginner and intermediate concepts in working with TouchDesigner in installation / performance settings—no prior experience with TouchDesigner or Python is expected from participants. 

Taught by: Matthew Ragan, Interactive Engineer, Obsura Digital


Matthew Ward


Zoe Sandoval

Interactive Designer - MFA 2019
UC Santa Cruz