Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators 2012: LDI Gear Gallery






LDI 2013 Gear Gallery



Booth #1475

Socapex - SL 19 pins

Amphenol Socapex is the original manufacturer of the Socapex connectors. The 19 pins configuration (layout 419AR) is the worldwide standard for your stagelighting and offers a high strenght-weight ratio. The SOCA 19 pins is UL recognized and supplied with solder or crimp gold plated contacts (up to 25A).

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Analog Way
Booth #2231


Pulse² at a glance
> Midra™ platform
> New RCS² (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Key features
• 8 seamless inputs
• 2 outputs (Program & Preview)

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Apollo Design #1441

Little Focus 5 Wrench

The Little Focus 5 Wrench is a sleek, handy tool for your focusing needs. Made from durable stainless steel, the LF5 provides easy access to common bolt sizes found in the industry.

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Booth #235



A high-performance, broad application LED Down Light

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Astera LED Technology
Booth #775


Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
Display: Multi-touch screen with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution
Wireless Module: 902-928MHz sender/receiver
Control Limitation: Controls an unlimited amount of wireless Astera products
DMX Capability: Wireless DMX with Astera Wireless DMX Transmitter ART3

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Avolites Media
Booth #230

Ai Infinity 8 EX server

Award-winning Avolites Media Ai Infinity 8 server
25 years of engineering experience, plus the latest generation hardware goes into each Ai media server.
To compliment the amazing feature set of the Ai v7 software, the infinity 8 server provides:

  • 8 independent Full HD outputs, each with an internally split preview and production connector
  • Internal EDID management

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Beverly DJ Inc.
Booth #215

LED Stage Lighting

We offer a wide range of lighting products, including intelligent DMX moving heads, sound-activated club effects, gobo projectors, LED lighting, fog and special effects machines, lasers, stage par cans, and indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, as well as lighting controllers.

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Checkers Industrial Products
Booth #1475

Guard Dog 5 Channel ADA Cable Protector

  • Protects Cables And Hoses Up To 1.325" Outside Dia.
  • Dog Bone Connectors To Extend To Any Desired Length
  • Reinforced Hinged Lid For Easy Cable Placement
  • ADA Accessibility Ramps Built In - No Connectors Needed
  • All-Weather Polyurethane Construction

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Checkers Industrial Products
Booth #11215

Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20

ALEDA B-EYE is truly innovative for its unique lighting effects; its unmatched versatility makes it a fantastic creative tool.  Firstly it an excellent wash-light, with beautiful colours and an impressive 6° to 70° zoom. The beam however can be closed further down to as little as 4°

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City Theatrical, Inc.
Booth #1649

QolorFLEX™ LED Tape

LED tape is a revolutionary product, allowing lighting users to put light in places that were impossible in the past and to create lighting fixtures and lighting effects in new and inexpensive ways. It is disruptive technology at its best.

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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.
Booth #1415

Eos Titanium (Eos Ti™) lighting control console

Realize your art with the Eos Titanium (Ti™) lighting control desk's powerful hardware, easy-to-navigate software and common-sense syntax. Built on ETC's trusted Eos® system, Ti features stunning, high-resolution, multi-touch screens with substantial programming surface to simplify the programming process.

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Elite Multimedia
Booth #2321

PixelFLEX LED Curtain

PixelFLEX LED curtain is great for everything from effects to higher resolution video playback. Like all of our models it is lightweight and flexible in every direction! These qualities make it perfect for most any application.

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Booth #2171


BR-series's name was made a pixel pitch. so BR02 is 2.75mm pitch. BR3c is 3.906mm pitch and last 'c' is courving.

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Gala Systems, Inc.
Booth #1048

Gala New Product News 2013

1- Moving Floors for Underwater Applications

2- High Speed I-Lock Spiralift

3- Inverted I-Lock Technology

4- Spiralift Load Measurement System

5- Low Profile Multipurpose Hall Transformation System (Crawler)

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GLIC LED Displays, Inc. #854


P6mm is a seamless product. Tools free. Friendly for quick assembling jobs.

GL-P6mmHDLED display is also designed for live events, entertainment, and trade show applications, as well as fixed installation in TV station, studios, church or casinos etc. It has compact panel, which is put into road(flight) case for moving and shipping. There is also specifically designed flying bar(rigging beam) and ground supporting structure for staging  and fixed installation. 

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GLP German Light Products Inc. (G-LEC Vision)
Booth #675

impression X4

The impression X4 from GLP brings power, flexibility and practicality in a new breakthrough design. Behind the unique looking front lens, the X4 offers 19 individual RGBW LED's, each rated at 15W providing a homogenized beam with high output, that can cut through cleanly on todays' stages and studio floors.

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Inner Circle Distribution
Booth #477


MADRIX 3.1 includes powerful new features. MADRIX is the original lighting controller for unique 2D & real 3D LED applications.

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iWeiss Theatrical Solutions
Booth #471

iWeiss Automation Via Line

Joining the popular ViaLift, a self-climbing lighting hoist, and the compact motorized ViaWinch, a 2012 Parnelli IT award nominee, are the latest additions to the iWeiss line of mid-range automation products offering lower budget solutions for school, HOW, small theatre, and retail projects.

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Jowootech Co. Ltd.
Booth #2152


Non-stripping Multi-connection wire connector.

  • Electric wire connection made easy & simple, without the fear of electric shock”
  • “The best invention in electrical connection technology since Benjamin Franklin”
  • “e-Clamps will change the way humans work with the electric wires forever

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Lightronics, Inc.
Booth #1041

FXLE1232W Warm White Dimmable LED Ellipsoidal

Lightronics new 3200K LED Ellipsoidal reproduces the Warm White light of a conventional incandescent, giving you your most natural looking skin tone, while using just a fraction of the electrical power to operate. Superior optics provides a smooth beam field and our four plane shutter system creates crisp cuts for beam shaping.

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Le Maitre USA, LLC #1925


HazeMaster, is the most advanced and powerful hazer yet. With massive output capacity, high power variable fan, low power consumption, and rugged construction, it is a truly professional hazer engineered to withstand the rigours of the road when on tour.

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ColorRay Series Laser Projectors

Professional Laser Projectors with outstanding Value for the Investment. Come by LDI 2013 Booth1634 to see the new ColorRay Series in action. Drive one of the new models yourself, such as a ColorRay 10 RGB, with a Pangolin Beyond/APC 40 workstation.

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Booth #1367

LynTec Remote Power Control Mobile (RPCM)

LynTec's Remote Power Control Mobile (RPCM) is the first intelligent power distribution panel to bring three new features to the mobile power distribution market. First, the RPCM uses switch-grade motorized circuit breakers to provide electrical protection and remotely managed on/off control within a single enclosure.

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Martin Professional A/S #269

MAC Quantum

Bright and perfect light for demanding applications.
The market is asking for brighter and more compact LED wash lights. The new MAC Quantum Wash is the most powerful response yet to this need. Martin’s highly efficient optical system gives the MAC Quantum Wash a 1:6 zoom system with maximum efficiency and superior optical quality.

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Booth #321

Proscenio™ Surtitling System

Proscenio™ surtitling solution is perfectly suited to both artistic and technical needs. Proscenio will provide full satisfaction to the audience. Our surtitling LED displays are all preconfigured and ready to play. Our screens can be integrated very discreetly in your theatre.

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NuSalt Laser Light Shows
Booth #2340

NSL 2000 RGB Pro Laser Light Show projector

The highest quality laser light show projector made here in the USA. Show Special we will beat any offer by 10%. Best price and Best Gear!

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OmniSistem Lights & Effects #2045


OmniSistem is excited to announce that the Passport Mini is in stock and available to ship! At 6¾” x 7” x 4½”  and 7 pounds, the Passport Mini is compact but it packs a punch. Utilizing built-in wireless DMX technology and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this advancement is a simple solution to powerful uplighting. Each of the 5 LEDs is a bright 15W 5-in-1 light source, flicker-free.

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Parasol Advanced Systems
Booth #1666


Parasol's patented ACS™ (Autonomous Carrier System) consist of fully independent, programmable vehicles that move lights or other equipment along predetermined pathways on specially designed tracks. These tracks can be straight, curved or circular and both carts and tracks are fully scalable to your power, payload and size requirements.

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Point-Of-Rental Systems
Booth #1866

Mobile WorkForce

Point-of-Rental’s Mobile Workforce is a web-based application that can be utilized with any WiFi-enabled device, be it iPhone, Android, any number of tablet devices, or even a laptop.

Many rental employees don’t work behind the counter or have access to electronic information or computer systems. Mobile WorkForce is designed to allow those employees to update contract related information in real-time from their mobile device, tablet or laptop.

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PQJ Corporation
Booth #1563

Gantom iQ

The Gantom iQ is the world's smallest zoom and focus LED gobo projector!

The Gantom iQ is an ultra-compact image projector that is zoom and focus adjustable. Using LED technology and special optics, the Gantom iQ can render sharp full color images from transparencies and films on user made 3/4″ diameter patterns at a fraction of the size and cost of traditional gobo projectors.

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Booth #1767


optimised archiving.
optimise your warehousing and materials scheduling. our innovative case labels are always a big help - in house or in transit, for storage or archiving. and they put a stop to chaos.

extremely robust.
the productionplate® was developed in collaboration with several event technology companies. it doesn't just help you to organise your everyday work,...

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Progressive Products Inc.
Booth #1851

APEX 3224 Mobile Hydraulic Stage


Stage Deck:
Floor Size: 32’ x 23’ 8”
Floor Height: 46” to 66”
Ground to Roof: 23’ 1”

Trailer Length: 34’
Trailer Width: 102”
Trailer Height: 12’ 2”

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Booth #735



1.Exclusive revolutionary product
Integrated with LED spotlight to makes the stage effects more brilliant.

2.Unified frame structure
All of the MC products and hybrid can be integrated perfect because of the unified frame structure.

3.Exclusive hollow design...

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Screen Works, The #568

E-Z Fold Portable Projection Screens

The Screen Works has been manufacturing E-Z Fold brand Projection Screens Since 1959. Now in our 54th year, E-Z Fold Screens are still the choice of In-House, Touring and Rental and Staging Professional all over the globe.

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Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co. Ltd. #352


The more lightweight cabinet 9kg/cabinet, the thinnest part is only 15mm.

Challenging the extreme design is just for use easier. The more convenient maintenance

Module uses the magnet design in order to removing it from the front of the cabinet. The power panel modular design, everything for easier maintenance!

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SL Power Electronics Corporation #2153

LB130 AC/DC Power Supply

The LB130 AC/DC power supply family is the only dedicated lighting supply for LED lighting. Featuring a small heat footprint and compact size, the 130 W output power supply meets global EMI requirements for LED lighting applications.

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Staging Concepts
Booth #633

Aluminum Crowd Control Barricade

Created after the Staging Concepts Steel Crowd Control Barricade, the lightweight Aluminum Barricade makes securing the perimeter of a concert crowd or large event easy. Its clear coat finish prevents corrosion, allowing it to endure the most intense conditions of an outdoor venue.

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TLC Creative #857


XyloBands are LED wristbands - YOU control when they light up! AN IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE! The audience is not just watching, they are PART OF THE SHOW. XyloBands feature high-power batteries and bright state-of-the-art LEDs that will light up the venue.

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Unique Business Systems
Booth #951

R2 Rental Operations Management Software

Software to manage Customers, equipment, rentals, Sales, Repairs and labor.

Customizable reports enable real time business intelligence empowering you to make decisions that positively impact your customers, employees and the bottom line.

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Wenger Corporation #841

StageTek Staging

The newest innovation from the most trusted name in staging! The StageTek system consists of rectangular or pie-shaped platforms with interchangeable legs for unlimited flexibility. Reconfigure your system to create flat stages, seated risers, etc.

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Weifa Trussing Co., Ltd
Booth #2057

Roof structure

This roof structure is 80x60x40fts can be changed to 60x40x40fts.
It has 6 pillars and 3 cross beam. The pillars' size is 520x520(E520S), and the cross beam is 670x1010(E1010).

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Booth #2340


XyloBands LED wristbands are the future of live entertainment. 
The audience is not just watching, they are PART OF THE SHOW. XyloBands wireless intelligent controlled LED wristbands. XyloBands feature high-power batteries and bright state-of-the-art LEDs that will light up the whole venue. Synchronized light effects and flashes will make the audience go wild!

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Y Light LLC #960

Spotlight Greenline LED

LED Fresnel and Profile Fixtures Spotlight's Greenline series includes fresnels and profiles with LED sources ranging from 50 watts to 250 watts. Three fixed white, a tunable white and RGBW versions are available.

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