Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators 2012: LDI 2013

      Photo: Woodroffe Bassett Design

Thursday, November 21

Photo courtesy of
A.C.T Lighting/Clay Paky

A.C.T Lighting & Clay Paky Bring Patrick Woodroffe To Las Vegas for "Lighting the Stars"
Room N245

Meet lighting designer extraordinaire, Patrick Woodroffe, who has lit an illustrious list of stars from The Rolling Stones to Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Roger Waters, Tina Turner, The Police, to name just a few…

*Seating is limited for this special event produced in conjunction with Clay Paky and A.C.T Lighting. Use promo code CPAK15 to register.

Photo: Batman, Woodroffe Bassett Design

Photo: Rolling Stones - Ralph-Larmann, Woodroffe Bassett Design