Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators 2012: UF@LDI 2013


UF@LDI 2013

LDI and the University of Florida School of Theatre and Dance have announced an exclusive new program that allows undergraduate students from around the world to take professional training courses at LDI in Las Vegas and get college credit from a major accredited American university. Students will register through the University of Florida, must be currently enrolled in an accredited university worldwide, and provide a valid student ID.

The courses in the UF@LDI program this year each carry 1 UF credit: 

• Projection 101: The Basics ($275) 

Tuesday, November 19, 9:30am-5:30pm; TPA 4930 Section 151A: Instructor Jake Pinholster (assisted by Julia LaVault)

• Concert Design: Process and Collaboration ($275) 

Wednesday, November 20, 9:30am-5:30pm; TPA 4930 Section 1504: Instructors Seth Jackson and Nathan W. Scheuer

• Entertainment Rigging Fundamentals ($375) 

Wednesday and Thursday, November 20 & 21, 9:30am-5:30pm; TPA 4930 Section 151B: Instructor Eric Rouse. 

• The Essence of Museum Lighting ($275) 

Thursday, November 21, 9:30am-5:30pm; TPA 4930 Section 1512C: Instructors Steven Rosen and Ted Mather

“This unique partnership provides an opportunity for undergraduates to get training in an environment where the equipment and professionals are available in a way not possible on most college campuses,” notes professor Stan Kaye, UF’s design and production area head. “This offers students the chance to enjoy professional training as bona fide university courses, at a discount, taught by industry experts, and with credit that will be accepted by their home university. The courses have been vetted, there will be follow-up assessment, and this is a very exciting new collaboration for us and for LDI.”

Dean Lucinda Lavelli adds: “The University of Florida and LDI share a common goal of leadership. Through this partnership we renew our commitment to education and the lighting industry.”

To register online for these courses with University of Florida credit: (using course numbers as indicated above) or click on the register now button below. For detailed directions on how to register please email or click here.

The four UF@LDI courses are also open to all LDI attendees who are not seeking college credit.