Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators 2012: Live Design Projection Master Classes 2013


Eighth Annual Live Design Projection Master Classes @ LDI
2 Days:  Wednesday and Thursday, November 20 - 21
$695 ($795 after 10/18)
Continental Breakfast and Lunch Included; Meeting room N250

Header Photo by: Brad Duns

Creative consultant and visualist extraordinaire Bob Bonniol of MODE Studios ( leads the faculty for the eighth annual Live Design Projection Master Classes at LDI, with two days of projection design, technology, and applications for the projection plus a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil. Highlights include sessions with screens producers, content creation tools Touchdesigner and Max/MSP/Jitter, and case studies of the video components for Codex Dynamic, Michael Jackson One, and Bon Jovi Because We Can Tour.

Projection Master Classes Schedule*

Wednesday, November 20

9:00-9:30am: Continental breakfast

Welcome to the Visual Mix
: Bob Bonniol delivers the “State of The Visual Union,” surveying the landscape of current content creation, virtual scenery, reactive environments, projection mapping, and the technologies that enable them all…

10:30am-10:45am: Break

Video Offstage: Install, Architecture, and Brand Environment: Join Bob Bonniol as he reveals the where, how, and why of using video technology in Brand Environment and Immersive installation.  Joined by industry design experts Rob Troy and Scott Carson of The Ant Farm, this panel will discuss the technique and technology used to create immersive media environments for huge media companies like Activision, Blizzard, Marvel Studios, and virtually every major Hollywood Studio.

12:15am–2:15pm Lunch and Product Showcase:

Some of the best of the best of current server and display technologies will share lunch and product demos.  Learn about the latest goodies from AI, coolux, d3, Hippotizer, PRG, Dataton, Enttec, and more.

Case Study – CODEX Dynamic: John Ensor Parker, one of the curators of the Codex Dynamic exhibition which saw the Manhattan Bridge Archway and Anchorage transformed using projections for DUMBO Arts Festival 2012, and Nils Porrman of Dandelion & Burdock, will discuss this stunning and challenging project from the point of view of curation. Looking at projection mapping from a creative perspective, and bringing a complex projection project to life, as an example to illustrate the future of architectural projection mapping.  

3:45pm-4:00pm Break

4:00pm–5:30 Beyond The Box–Tools For Creating Anything: TouchDesigner and Max/MSP/Jitter: Michael Kohler of WorldStage will discuss the use of the software TouchDesigner, and what it is capable of (pretty much anything!) and other creative coding techniques. Learn how creative coding applications such as TD can be used to add groundbreaking, high-tech elements to your live productions, while integrating flawlessly and creatively with the standards of DMX, ILDA, and existing control interfaces. Pablo Molina of MODE Studios will give an overview of Max/MSP/Jitter, another extremely popular coding environment for creating innovative tools 

7:00pm: Performance of Michael Jackson ONE at Cirque du Soleil, Mandalay Bay

Thursday, November 21

Continental breakfast

9:30am-11:00am Case Study – Michael Jackson’s ONE Production:  Members of the production team from Cirque Du Soleil’s groundbreaking production join the Projection Master Classes for a behind the scenes overview of the use of video in this amazing show. Panelists include: Christopher Whelan, Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson-ONE, projection project manager, Andrew Atienza, Technomedia Solutions/Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson-ONE, projection project manager, Eric Ludacer, Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson-ONE, head of electrics/projection/SFX, and Emric Epstein of vyv.

11:00am-11:15am  Break

11:15pm–12:45pm Media Takes Control on Bon Jovi’s Because We Can Tour – Projection Master Class Session This tour required the development of new media control solutions including rethinking how to incorporate displacement mapping embedded into the content to trigger the automation. Through innovation and invention, new solutions to the technology challenges of integrating as well as allowing cross control of lighting, video, and automation by any of the disciplines was achieved. The unique and complex video solutions brought to both the arena and stadium designs will be broken down into the individual technology and content creation challenges. Panelists include Dirk Sanders, CFS Technical Designer; Ryan Mast of Meteor Tower; and Daniel Jean from Moment Factory.

12:45pm–2:30pm Lunch and Product Showcase More opportunity to introduce yourself to the best tools in the business

2:30pm-4:00pm Production Designer Roundtable – Video as Digital Scenery: Bob Bonniol leads a discussion with production designers who will reveal how they use and depend on Video to bring their design to the next level. Jonathon Goldstein and others join Bob to share insights.

4:00pm-4:15pm Break

4:15pm–5:45pm Outliers-Exploring the Design Fringe with Video: Bob Bonniol is joined by personalities such as Pablo Molina, Kerstin Hovland, and Peter Kirn (Create Digital Motion) to discuss the amazing innovations happening at the ‘edge,’ as well as what the future holds for video design tools, and techniques.

5:45pm-6:00pm Wrap up

*schedule subject to change/speakers subject to professional availability