LDI Show 2012: SynAudCon 2012

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SynAudCon @ LDI2012

SynAudCon is bringing its two-day Core Principles of Audio In-person Seminar back especially for LDI. Tune in to the best in audio training.

Wednesday and Thursday, October 17 & 18
Includes lunch
7 ETCP Renewal Credits

Core Principles of Audio is a two-day course specifically designed for those who need to round out their knowledge of technical audio fundamentals, and enjoy a live, interactive learning experience.

This is a concise and information-packed seminar taught by Pat Brown. You’ll acquire knowledge that is essential for the setup and operation of a sound system. Important subjects such as signal flow, component interconnection, grounding, loudspeaker placement, microphone basics and mixer setup are covered. The emphasis is on the practical, using real-world explanations of potentially complex subjects.

Session Highlights:
1. Familiarize the attendee with the components necessary to form a sound reinforcement system.
2. Provide an overview of the purpose, interconnect and use of these components.
3. Provide the fundamentals regarding the use of microphones, signal processors and loudspeakers

Taught by
: Pat Brown, SynAudCon