LDI Show 2012: ESK - Exhibitor Service Kit

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Welcome to the Exhibitor Service Kit

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Click here for the Exhibitor Service Kit.

Thank you so much for choosing to exhibit at the LDI 2012 trade show.
We are very excited about your participation and have prepared this Exhibitor Service Manual to assist you in planning a cost efficient and successful event.  

MANDATORY- All exhibitors are required to complete the Booth Variance Approval Form located under the Exhibitor Login tab. You will need your login information for the online submission. Please help us keep a pulse what’s going on in your booth so we can plan for a smooth and safe event.
Even if your company is not requesting any type of variance, all exhibitors are still required to return this form back to show management.

NOTE: There is a targeted move-in schedule. Please refer to the color-coded target floor plan to determine your designated move-in time. Adherence to the targeted move-in schedule is of the utmost importance. If you have equipment that requires special handling, i.e., forklift, crane, etc., or who have a problem with your assigned move-in date/time, please contact Robert Eldridge at Robert.Eldridge@penton.com or feel free to call 303-998-9528.

LDI will once again offer a Lights-Out Program. The lights out rigging map and order form are located in the Form Finder section under Lighting Service Order Form. AS ALWAYS, DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS SHOW, BOOTHS SHOULD INCLUDE LIGHTING AS THE DISPLAY FLOOR TENDS TO BE DARK.

A most helpful tool is the Deadline Checklist and Contractor Contact List which highlights all the important exhibitor service related deadlines and our official contractors. Meeting the proposed deadlines will help you save money and alleviate headaches at show site so please take advantage of these discounts.

Due to the technical nature of the show, we urge everyone to carefully look over the Rules and Regulations section of this kit carefully as guidelines change depending on the host city. We have negotiated special labor concessions on your behalf in Las Vegas. Please refer to the Scope of Work Rules -Las Vegas.

LDI has adopted specific laser safety rules to ensure a safe and professional conference for our exhibitors and visitors. Please refer to the Laser Safety Guidelines for details.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email us. We look forward to seeing you in October!

Robert Eldridge
Exhibitor Service Representative
913-981-6153 (fax)