LDI Show 2012: 2012 The Art of Programming

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Attention all lighting programmers and technicians: LDI’s fifth annual edition of The Art of Programming, with hands-on console opportunities, teaches you great tips on how to work quickly and efficiently, keeping up with your designer, and making your console best work for you and your designers. For new and experienced lighting programmers, these sessions on Thursday and Friday, October 18 and 19 provide insight into different methods of creating, organizing, and utilizing the data stored in the console. Leading programmers share their experiences of making programming more productive for the programmer and the designer.

Moderators: LD/programmers Rob Halliday; Jim Ohrberg; and Brad Schiller.

Thursday, October 18

AP01: The Art of Programming: Mastering The Basics
9:00am-10:30am, Room N252

.75 ETCP Renewal Credits
Focus on methods of organizing information in the console: fixtures, palettes, cues, macros, and screen output. Perfect for new programmers or to brush up your skills.

AP02: The Art of Programming: Advanced Concepts
11:00am-12:30pm, Room N252
.75 ETCP Renewal Credits

Different styles of console operation, documenting your work, third-party software interfaces, the art of data management, and speculation about the future of programming, from mobile devices to whatever comes next!

AP03: Programmer’s Playpen
1:30pm-5:30pm, Room N252
.75 ETCP Renewal Credits

Take advantage of this unique hands-on opportunity to look at some of today’s top consoles, and check them out with the best programmers at your side. Ask questions and solve problems. Plus: a look at using Focus Track on various consoles to document your lighting. Consoles include: Jands Vista courtesy of AC Lighting; ETC’s GIO, EOS, and ION; Philips Strand Lighting Light Palette, High End Systems Wholehog, and Avolites courtesy of Creative Stage Lighting.

Friday, October 19, 2012

AP04: Moving Lights Programming 101: Mastering Effects Engines
11:00am-12:30pm, Room N252

Automated lighting programmers must understand how to use and manipulate the effects engines within modern consoles. This session explains wave types, cycles per minute, amplitude, pulse width, and multiple phases in a manner that teaches you how to turn them into the flashy looks you need. We will also compare the wave-based effects to the older yet still prevalent step-based effects, and discuss the pros and cons of using each. Join us for a bit of mathematical insight to creating effects and we promise that you will not need to use any trigonometry.

AP05: Two Ladies and An Ogre
1:30pm-3:00pm, Room N252

The two women who programmed media and lighting for Shrek, the Musical speak about programming for Broadway, a multi-user programming environment with the MA Lighting grandMA console, women in the industry, and keeping up a yoga practice in theatre lobbies. Share their knowledge about what it's like to be a Broadway programmer, how to organize a multi-user environment, and staying healthy in demanding and stressful circumstances. The unique perspective of two female programmers on the same show, who have both been involved in the industry for a long time.

Panelists: Laura Frank; Luminous FX; Sharon Marie Huizinga; Dutch Dame Productions

AP06: The Business of Being A Programmer
3:30pm-5:00pm, Room N252

Join programmers Rob Halliday, Jim Ohrberg, and others as they discuss the actual job of being a programmer. What are the realities of going out into the world and managing a freelance career as a programmer. What should you put into your contract? How do you decide which jobs to take? What do you and a potential employer needs to discuss before signing on the dotted line.